Amy Elizabeth’s “Implants” is a nine-piece sculptural series. It depicts the idealized female nude in the form of urban shop mannequins – an ever-so generic image of femininity – contorted and dismembered with vibrant, ornate flowers blooming from where hair would naturally flourish on a mature woman’s body.


Through utilizing physical proxies for women (dismembered mannequins) and their hair (ephemeral plant-life) “Implants” becomes an investigative work, bringing to the audience’s attention their own personal reaction to the scene placed before them in a point-blank gallery context.


Implants” questions not the right of the Contemporary woman to do with her body what she pleases, as it is a feminist piece; however what is thrown into question is a woman’s emotive reaction to her own choice – guilt?  Pride?  Disgust?


Through “Implants”, a situation is orchestrated where the issue of women’s actions towards her own body is viewed by the audience - put under the microscope, as women are, every time they decide to shave their underarms or wax their pubic hair - through the objectification of the female form, which is the irony of the work as a whole.


Sculptural Installation

 Plastic, fiberglass, glass, pinewood, plant matter

Prices range from $70.00 to $230.00

NOW EXHIBITING @ TAP Gallery: 278 Palmer St Darlinghurst, Sydney AUSTRALIA.

22 September to 5 October 2014


Implants [sculptural installation, 9 pieces]

June 2014

Sneakpeak! This work is slated for exhibition Summer 2015.


Progress Shot of New Sculpture collection - final works will be exhibited this Spring/Summer


Hell Girl [screenprint, 29 x 42cm]

April 2013


“SCRIPT” [2014] Screenprint series of six - $600.00 Women On Boards Voice and Vision: Women in Contemporary Australian Society. Currently exhibiting at TAP Gallery (corner of Palmer and Burton St, just off Oxford St) Sydney, Australia. Catalogue No. 1



Appropriation of Del Kathryn Barton’s “The Nightingale & the Rose”

paint stripper, cartridge paper, a3